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She’s Only 18

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It’s odd how your mind can make a connection to something on your past even if only a small part relates.

This 18 year old cam performer goes by the name of German Honey and you should check out her german_honey cam on Chaturbate. The instant I saw a naked girl and read ‘speaking German’ in her profile my mind went back to the porn movies I used to see as a teenager that were all German.

The quality was so bad because it was already so old, watched so many times and copied over so many times and we couldn’t understand a word they said but it was all we had and we liked it. 😀

How far things have come since way back then and I’ve pretty much given away my age here I guess. Now we have cam sites where we can watch amateur German girls and any other type of girls we might fancy, in crustal clear quality, in real time and we can even chat with them and they will chat back.

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