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My Wife Gives Me A Pass With Webcams

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I love my wife very much. I’ve never stepped out on our marriage and I never would. With this being said, I still very much enjoy looking at other women. I’ve always been an avid viewer of porn and my wife encourages it. She knows it’s not cheating and it relieves any sexual frustrations I might be experiencing. You see, my wife doesn’t have an insatiable sex drive like I do. She only wants to get it on once a week and I need sexual release much more often than that. 

I stumbled upon CamBB one night and it was a game-changer. I had no idea you could actually watch performers live. I can talk to them and even let them see me too if I want. It didn’t take me long to zero in on butterybubblebutt. I’ve always been an ass man and she has an incredible one. Sometimes I just talk to her and flirt a little, but other times we go into the private room and have intense sexual experiences. Webcams are my new favorite form of sexual entertainment.

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