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Literally Thousands of Women Online

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I could hardly believe it the first time I saw it and thought it was just bullshit when the Cambb site showed thousands of performers online. I went to the female section ( and clicked on one after another, opening their chat rooms and sure as fuck they were active. Sure, occasionally one would have gone offline by the time I got to her but when i refreshed the main page those didn’t show online anymore which confirmed they were not doing false reporting by counting offline models either.

Then I thought it was probably pure chance and that it was also in their peak since it was on a Saturday night, but I have checked back on a variety of times and it is rocking every time.

I’m also blown away by the variety of performers, there truly is someone there for everyone’s taste and everyone there are so friendly. The entire atmosphere is one of fun. Not once so far have I seen someone post completely inappropriate comments or just being an asshole.

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