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Brazzers Unleashes Pornstars in Live Shows

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The making of porn has always fascinated me. Behind the scenes footage, bloopers, before and after interviews, etc always get my attention. I don’t mean homemade sex tapes. I am talking about big studio stuff. The sort of scenes that require sets, lighting, an entire crew behind the camera, and so on. Hell, I even like reading about contracts, clauses, and how girls prep and promote.

Due to that fascination, Brazzers Live was an easy sell for me. It’s a bunch of live shows starring top pornstars. There is a lot of group sex and the models do a lot of on the spot improvising. Although I would have preferred to have seen them in real time, the archived recordings still had a lot to offer.

It isn’t a huge collection, and it’s been more than a year since the last update, but all 48 of the shows were highly pleasing to watch. Plus, it comes with the entire Brazzers Network, so you end up with a massive load of porn at your fingertips.

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